Blitzing the Champion

I had a friendly chat with the champion before the closing ceremony.

How was the tournament?
I played very well. I felt that I came in my optimal sport shape, and managed to prove it.
Did you make some fixed draws to rest?
No, I played all the games. Although some of them ended very shortly, they were played. I simply equalized very easy against the white color. At the same time made terrific result as White- five out of six games.
You played your pet Alapin line in your decisive game against Emil Sutovsky.
Yes, because I knew that he plays only 2…d5 line. White is slightly better here, and I wanted to play for a win without too much risk.
But at some moment he could have safe the game?
True, but it is only because I played carelessly Bb3. Instead I had to go for Qf4 immediately.
Will you be awarded now from Netherland’s Chess Federation?
From the federation no, but I will receive salary from Netherland’s Olympic Committee. Our federation lacks resources, and it is not even clear if we will take part at the Olympic Games in Dresden.
What are your plans now?
I am travelling to Cuba for Capablanca memorial in a few days where I will not only play, but will write reports for chessbase. After that I will take part in a small tournament in Lodi (Italy).
Thank you, and good luck!

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