To be or not to be (for chessvibes)

Bulgarian Team Championships took place in Borovetz (1-7 October), and in the third round a casus have arised. One of the games in round three was decided 0-0 due to breaking the tournament regulations.
The point is that this year’s championship is experimentally played by the “Sofia Rules.” In accordance with them both players cannot offer draw until the finish of move 30, unless a theoretically drawn position arises, with the permission of the chief arbiter.What actually happened? In the game Bratanov (Lokomotiv 2000)- Stojanov (Bulmex) White offered a draw on move 22, which was accepted by the second player. The rest you can find here, as well as some interesting opinions:http://www.chessvibes.com/league/a-0-0-result-in-the-bulgarian-league/

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