The Bishop Fortress

Kunte,A (2528) - Fernandez,Dan SIN (2299) [E90]
Sydney Int Open Parramatta AUS (9), 11.04.2010

This was one of the decisive games at the SIO open in April. In case that one of the players have won his game, he would have tied for the first place. In addition, if the second player-young Daniel Fernandez from Singapoore had won, he would have achieved a GM norm. 43.Re7? Kunte is rushing at a moment when he did not need to do that. Now Black had a chance to create a beautiful fortress thanks to his bishop pair. 43...fxg4!! White was obviouly counting on the line: [43...Qa2? 44.Nxe5 Now both the black bishops and his king are in danger. 44...Qa1+ 45.Kh2 Bxe5+ 46.Qxe5 Qxe5+ 47.Rxe5+- where he is easily winning.] 44.Rxe6 Bxe6 45.hxg4 Kh7 Of course not: [45...Bxg4?? 46.Qc4+ However, Black does not necessarily need the g4 pawn to biuld a fortress thanks to his bishops.] 46.f3 Ba2 47.Qe7 Bb1 48.Kf2 The other possible plan would have been: [48.g5!? h5 49.g4 with the idea to open the h file, bring his king to f7, and finally use the h file to create mating threats. However, the subtle: 49...hxg4 50.fxg4 e4=

Prevents the white king from reaching the f7 square. When the bishop are placed on neighbour diagonals they can cooperate in their best possible way. ] 48...g5 This is a correct decision, Black is getting ready to exchange as many pawns as needed. 49.Ke3 Bg6 50.Kd2 Kg8 51.Qe6+ Kh7 52.g3 Or: [52.Kc3 e4+ 53.Kc4 exf3 54.gxf3 Bb2 55.Kc5

with the idea to bring the king to f8, but this does not prove successful, as Black always have the possibility to chase it away with a check from g7, thus keeping his king in safety.] 52...Bh8 53.Ke3 Bg7 54.f4 exf4+ 55.gxf4 gxf4+ 56.Kxf4 Bh8 57.g5 h5! The last finesse. In case of:[57...hxg5+?? 58.Kxg5 The white king will spoil Black's coordination, and the queen can show her best features: 58...Bb1 59.Qd7+ Bg7 60.Qh3+

60...Kg8 61.Qb3+] 1/2 When treated carefully, the bishop prove that they are not worse than the queen.

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