Two Simuls and a Lecture

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I discovered this with my first visit in 2010 and this year decided to spend more time on the continent.
I took an extra week after the tournaments in Canberra and Sydney that I have played with the intention to have a lot of time for sight-seeing. Still, the time was filled with chess. I first gave a lecture at the Sydney Academy of Chess (thank you for the invitation, Brett!) The material was based on the most interesting games of both open tournaments. Some strong players presented, like Rej Tomek, who is rated around 2350.
Two simultaneous exhibitions followed. One was at the Norths Chess Club, where I won 12 games, and lost one, to Jason Hu, rated 2190. While the simul took place, half of the members of the club competed in their club championship.
The second one was not planned initicially and took place in Golden Cost, a beautiful town near Brisbane. There I won 12 games and drew 3. One of those draws was against the Australian under 12 champion. Before the simul there was also a small blitz tournament, where I won all the five games. I want to thank the organizers Shane Burgess, and Amir Karibasic for making these events possible, as well to all the participants in both the events.
Now I can proudly say that I have conducted simultaneous exhibitions on four continents.
Australia is an extremely beautiful country, and I wish everyone the chance to see it, and experience the taste of the Australian nature.

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