An English Champion

Good news came from England. My student Akito Oyama won the national championship under fourteen years convincingly. He won alone or shared the first place in all the qualification tournaments that he played and was sure winner even before the final event! He deserved the right to represent England at the World Youth Championship in UAE at the end of the year, and the right to compete at the British adult championship.
Akito is an original player who does not put the onus on theoretical preparation. He has a taste on the attack and almost always prefers interesting to the orthodox and the exciting to the solid lines.
Here is a game that he annotated for the blog:

Janik,Robert (1866) - Oyama,Akito (2041) [E18]
Poland and England Fide (5), 27.10.2012

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 e6 3.g3 b6 4.Bg2 Bb7 5.0–0 Be7 6.c4 0–0 7.Nc3 c5 [7...Ne4 This was more accurate and could be followed with f5.]

8.d5 d6

I was hoping to play e5 and close the position but my opponent stopped me.]

9.dxe6 fxe6 10.Bh3 e5 11.Ng5 Qe8 12.Ne6 [12.e4 This was a better continuation for white because it shuts down my light squared bishop]

12...Qh5 13.Bg2 Bxg2 14.Kxg2 Ng4

This attack I was about to start could have been defended with best play but it looked interesting so i tried it.]

15.Nxf8 Qxh2+ 16.Kf3 Nc6 17.Qd5+ [The knight was untouchable because after 17.Kxg4 Rxf8 The threat of h7–h5# is alsmost unstoppable.]

17...Kh8 18.Ng6+ [This was a mistake that gave me the upper hand as well as more mating chances.]


Now Qh5 will be the answer to Kxg4.]

19.e3 [This move increased my advantage even more. Better was Qxc6.]

[19.Qxc6 Rf8+ 20.Ke4 Qg2+ 21.f3 Qxf1 I am only a pawn up but the attack will still continue.]

19...Rf8+ 20.Ke2 Rxf2+ 21.Rxf2 Qxf2+ 22.Kd3

Here I missed a simple mate in 2.

22...Qf1+ [22...Nb4+ 23.Ke4 Nf6#]

23.Kd2 Nb4 24.Qe4 Nh2 25.Nd5 Nf3+ 26.Kc3 Qe1+ 27.Kb3 Qd1+ 28.Kc3 [28.Ka3 Nc2+ 29.Ka4 Nxa1+ 30.b3 I am a piece up in this variation.]

28...Nd4 29.b3

29...Nxa2+ [My opponent resigned here because he realised he would lose too much material to survive.]


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