The First App

According to Wikipedia an app is a software that causes the computer to perform useful tasks. It is also a software which runs on smartphones or other mobile devises.
The beauty of the new mobile world is that it gives you a chance to make better use of your free time. Whenever you travel for work or for pleasure you are spending time in various vehicles, precious time that you are mostly wasting.
It is no longer like that thanks to the new app culture. One can use his/her time more productively by learning new things.
A chess app is an idea too.
My first app pays a tribute to one of the most ingenious players ever- Paul Morphy. The way that he attacked his opponents revolutionized the game and brought it to the next level.
What was his secret?
You will find the answers in the app, and here is a bit of it:

You can download the app from here.

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