Tricks and Traps in the Opening London System

The European Individual Championship is in progress in Gjakova, Kosovo. Round four was played yesterday and as usual, the event offers high-quality chess.
The clashes in round one though usually have a different flavor. The thing is that at these events the top players have much lower opposition at the beginning.
This is a good occasion for a miniature that can get easily into the "Tricks and traps in the Openings" section.
Enjoy the shortest game of the EICC:

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Unknown said...

Kamsky gave a lecture on the London System at the World Open this year, in Philadelphia. My impression of the opening, beforehand, that it would virtually never yield dynamic attacking play. This video, in addition to his lecture shocked me. I'm sure many of the games are relatively quiet and positional, but there definitely seems to be dynamite in many resulting positions.