Bulgarian Men Final

Bulgarian Men Final is in process in Plovdiv. Last year's runner up had a hard time in round four:

Tsvetkov,Ilia (2352) - Nikolov,Momchil (2500)

We were taught once that two pawns on the sixth rank are equal to a rook. In this case it is even worse for the heavy piece:
49.Rxb2! Rxb2 50.d7 Rd2 51.c6 Kf7 52.c7 Rxd7 53.c8Q Re7 54.Kf2 Re6 55.g4 Rf6+ 56.Kg3 Kg6 57.Qg8 Rb6 58.h4 Rf6 59.h5+ Kh6 60.Qh8+ 1–0

Krasimir Rusev is leading the field with 4/5 games. He developed his opening repertoire, and now uses the French Defense as well with good results. His points could be even more, hence the lapsus in this game:
Rusev,Krasimir (2521) - Tsvetkov,Ilia (2352)

White is a whole rook up, and is obviously winning. But most probably in time trouble he loses the path:
56.e4 Kd4 57.exd5 Bxd5 58.Rg3 Re5+ 59.Kf4 Re2 60.Bf5 Bc6 61.a5 Rf2+ 62.Kg5 Kc5 63.Rb6 Ra2 64.Rb1 Rxa5 65.Kf4 Ra2 66.Be4 Bxe4 67.Kxe4 Re2+ 68.Kf4 Re7 69.Kf5 b5 70.Kf6 Rb7 71.Rd1 Kb4 72.Rb1+ Kc5 73.Rg5+ Kd4 74.Rd1+ Kc3 75.Rg3+ Kc2 76.Rh1 c3 77.Rh2+ Kb3 78.Ke5 b4 79.Kd5 Rc7 80.Rh4 Rc8 81.Rf4 Rc7 82.Rh3 Rc8 83.Rg4 Rc7 84.Rf3 Rc8 85.Rh4 Rc7 86.Re4 Rc8 87.Rh3 Rc7 88.Rg4 Rc8 89.Re3 Rc7 90.Rf3 Rc8 91.Rh3 Rc7 92.Rhh4 c2 93.Rxb4+ Kc3 94.Kd6 Rc8 95.Kd7 Rc5 96.Kd6 Rc8 97.Kd7 Rc5 98.Kd6 Rc8 99.Kd5 Draw.

Milen Vasilev is sharing second place with 3.5 and has good chances for his final GM norm.
Petkov,Vladimir (2434) - Vasilev,Milen (2470)

This is an original fortress:
64...Ke6 65.Ke3 Kd5 66.Kd3 Ke5 67.Ke3 Kd5 68.Be7 Kc4 69.Kf4 Kd4 70.Bf8 Kd5 71.Bc5 Ke6 72.Bf2 Kd5 73.Bg1 Ke6 74.Bb6 Kd5 75.Be3 Ke6 76.Kf3 Ke5 77.Bf4+ Kd5 78.Be3 Ke5 79.Bc5 Kd5 80.Ke3 Ke5 81.Bd4+ Kd5 82.Kd3 Kd6 83.Bf2 Kd5 84.Bg1 Ke5 85.Ke3 Kd5 Draw.

Another player with 3.5/5 is Vasil Spasov.
Spasov,Vasil (2579) - Iotov,Valentin (2495)

He was lucky to win a miniature in round two when black simply forgot his knight:
17...Qf8??Gross blunder, after [17...Bxd4 18.Rxd4 Re5 the game is about equal] 18.Qe6+ 1–0
Round six is today.
In the women's final Elitsa Raeva is leading with 2.5/3.

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