Men Final- Middlegame

After 8 rounds three lead the field. Krasimir Rusev could not convert his advantage in round seven against Mladenov, but performed a stormy attck in the eight:
Milchev,Nikolay (2373) - Rusev,Krasimir (2521)

14...Nxh2! 15.Bf4 Neg4 16.axb5 Nxf1 17.Rxf1 g5 18.bxa6 gxf4 19.Qa4+ Bd7 20.Qxf4 e5 21.Qf3 h3 22.Bh1 h2+ 23.Kg2 Nf6 0–1
Vasil Spasov had to struggle in his game against youngster Valeri Lilov being an exchange down, but was successful at the end, as well as in the next round:
Spasov,Vasil (2579) - Arnaudov,G Petar (2345)

In this position, already on move 20 Black is totally hopeless and resigned. 1–0
Vladimir Petkov won two games, and now is only a point behind the leaders.
Radulski,Julian (2511) - Petkov,Vladimir (2434)

Black realized his matherial advantage on move 107. 0–1
Valentin Iotov was happy to perform a standart tactical stroke:
Iotov,Valentin (2485) - Kozhuharov,Spas (2456)

17.d5!± exd5 18.Nxd5 Rc8 19.Rc4 Re8 20.Qc2 g6 21.b5 Ne5 22.Rxc8 Nxf3+ 23.gxf3 Bxc8 24.Nc7 Bd7 25.Nxe8 Qxe8 26.a4 Bh3 27.Qe4 Qc8 28.Qc6 Qe6 29.Qxe6 Bxe6 30.Be4 Bb3 31.Rd7 Bxa4 32.Bd5 Bxb5 33.Rxf7 Bb2 34.Rf4+ 1–0
Today are the games from rond nine. One of the leaders Milen Vasilev is fighting for his final GM norm, and win today will assure it.

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