Afek's Best

At the end of the year I met again the remarkable chess composer Yochanan Afek. He shoed me some of his beautiful samples, and I could not stand the temptation and asked him for some of more for the blog readers. Enjoy!
Yochanan Afek
1st Pr. Israel Ring Tourney , 1975

Black intends to put an end to white pretentions by giving away his Rook for the last pawn thus the key move is pretty obvious. 1.b7 Bc5! The most stubborn defense while two other tries would be met by sharp and forceful blows [1...Re6 2.Nc7! or; 1...Rc6 2.b8N+!; 1...Ra6+ is simply answered by 2.Ba7] 2.Bxc5 [2.b8Q? is premature in view of 2...Ra6+ 3.Kb7 Rb6+; while 2.b8N+? Kc8 3.Bxc5 d4 leads to a mere theoretical draw] 2...Rh8+ 3.Ka7 [Again 3.b8Q? Rxb8+ 4.Kxb8 Kc6 leads nowhere] 3...Kc6 4.Bd4! [Solvers usually try 4.Nd6? first, however after 4...Kxc5 5.Nc8 Rh7 the fish seems to have escaped once again] 4...Rh7
Straightforward! No time for modest actions such as [4...Rf8 5.Ka6; or 4...Rh2 5.Ka8 now It finally does look that white is really helpless against the double attack yet chess is full of resources] 5.Bg7!! A stunning interference decoying the black rook into a deadly fork! 5...Rxg7 6.Nd4+ with the unpleasant choice between 6...Kd6 [and 6...Kc5 7.Ne6+] 7.Nf5+ 1–0

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