Quiz Groningen

I believe that two questions from the Cafe Atlantis Quiz competition will be interesting for you:
1.) What is the Indian theme in composition?

The Indian theme was named after a composer from England published a problem in an Indian newspaper in 1845. The winning idea of the problem is to stalemate one of our own pieces.
Loveday, H. - The Indian theme
Mate in 4, 1845
1.Kb2 b4 2.Bc1 b5 3.Rd2 Kf4 4.Rd4# 1–0
2.) How should this position end?

White wins- Unnamed Autor - Quiz
1.h4 Kc7 2.h5 Kb6 3.h6 Ka5 4.h7 a6 5.h8N! b6 6.Ng6 fxg6 7.f7 g5 8.f8N! g4 9.Ne6 [9.Ng6 g3 10.Ne5 g2 11.Nc6#] 9...g3 10.Nd8 g2 11.Nc6# [11.Nb7#] 1–0

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