73 Bulgarian Individual Championship

Bulgarian Individual Championship ended this Sunday in Blagoevgrad. Average rating of the event was 2435, category 8.
It was a very tense tournament. After 11 rounds both Boris Chatalbashev and me shared the lead with 9 points. However, I lost in the penultimate round against the bronze medalis Momchil Nikolov, while Chatalbashev won against Petkov. Everything looked over, but Fortuna had left our three-time champion in the last round. Boris lost his final game, I won mine, and won the title for the first time due to my better tie-break!
1. Bojkov, Dejan 10.0
2. Chatalbashev, Boris 10.0
3. Nikolov, Momchil 8.5
4. Arnaudov, G Petar 7.5
5. Radulski, Julian 7.0
6. Berbatov, Kiprian 7.0
7. Rusev, Krasimir 7.0
8. Vutov, M Mario 6.0
9. Filev, Georgi 5.5
10. Pantev, Veselin 5.0
11. Petkov, Vladimir 5.0
12. Lilov, Valeri 4.5
13. Kukov, Velislav 4.5
14. Enchev, Ivajlo 3.5
Petar Arnaudov accomplished his final IM norm. More information will follow soon!


nikto said...

Congratulations! For the first time Bulgaria have a champion from Shoumen.
Nikolay Todorov

Des Catolos said...

Great job! That was a photo finish. We wish you all the best in the world.

-ChessHeroes Blog