"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"
I am not quoting Mark Twain in vain. This happens all the times in our chess society. A couple of days ago I asked my friend IM Spas Kozhuharov for permission to publish one of his stories. “Which one?” he asked. “The one with the scalp”, I said. “Oh, yeah, let me hear it”. And I started- as far as I heard, you played a tournament in Serbia, and lost to some local hero. Then his teammates appeared and congratulated him: “Great. You took his scalp!” “But he does not have one”, nodded your opponent.
“Nice story”, Spas laughed, “it is good that I know it now…”
Something similar happened with another Bulgarian IM-Jivko Bratanov. A few years ago he had a very unpleasant case in France, when his notebook and passport were stolen in a park. “I was exhausted, tired and sick of all the travelling, having a sandwich in the park. I did not really see who took the laptop. But till the time of my return in Bulgaria I was already clapping with my hands and dancing with a couple of girls in the park, while their partner was robbing me…”

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