Tournament Overview

Doorway to the Haute-Loire, the small town of Aurec-sur-Loire nestles in a picturesque curve of the Loire, where the foaming waters rushing down from the Velay find calm in the magnificent lake behind the Grangent dam.
Glorious countryside combines with a rich cultural heritage to make Aurec-sur-Loire an ideal place to visit less than an hour from Lyon...

But this is enough for representation, since you will not have enough time to see all the things if you decide to visit the Aurec open. It will take place on 23.03.2008, I highly recommend it to you. Price fund is 5000 euros, not bad at all for a one-day rapid. Nature is wonderful, organizer Olivier Deville will do his best to suffice your needs.

A few years ago when I took part in the open, there were various strong players to go into top 100 nowadays- such as Volokitin and Fedorchuk. I remember a curious case from the game Marciano-Fedorchuk: White was trying to win an endgame rook versus knight, and the Ucranian was in severe time-trouble. Then Marciano blundered his rook, and offered a draw, but Fedorchuk declined it:”What draw, I am a knight up!”

For more information visit: http://www.open-aurec.com/

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Rachel said...

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