Afek's Best (7)

Yochanan Afek
New In Chess 1997 (v)

White pair of knights is outweighted by a direct attack as well as by the dangerous black advanced pawn. 1.Ne3 g3! [The black king is in a mate net after: 1...gxh3 2.Nef1 Kg2 3.Kf5 Kh1 4.Kg4 Kg2 5.Kh4 Kg1 6.Kxh3 Kh1 7.Ng3+ Kg1 8.Nf3#; while following 1...f1Q 2.Nexf1 gxh3 3.Kf5 it's a DGTB win in 32 moves] 2.Nhf1! The first surprise. The more natural looking [2.Nhg4? is met by 2...f1Q! 3.Nxf1 Kg2 4.h4 Kxf1 5.h5

5...Ke2! 6.h6 g2 with a dead draw] 2...g2

with the threat 3...g1Q but also 3...gxf1Q 4.Nxf1 Kg2. Time to offer a draw? not quite! 3.h4!! g1Q 4.Kf7!!

It's the queen's turn to be trapped in an astonishing reciprocal zugzwang position. 1–0