A Very Special Day

Today is a very special day, as chess giant was born.I intended to write a poem about this genius, but instead decided to demonstrate his brightest achievements, which charactirize him best:

The Dominator
Bojkov,D - Delemarre,J
Wch U18 Szeged (4), 1994

That hero of ours has style. Instead of winning a piece with: 57.Bxe3 [57.a7 Bxa7 58.Rxa7] 57...Bxe3 58.Re7+ Or a pair of pawns after: [58.Kxe3 Rxh3+ 59.f3 Rh1 60.Rf5+ Kd6 61.Rxg5 our man decided to dominate on the whole board.] 58...Kf4 59.Rxe3 Indeed he does dominate, not for very long... 59...Rxf2+! Funnily, Jop found me on facebook today. 1/2

Mr. Cool.
Bojkov,D (2394) - Nikolov,S (2399)
Sunny Beach (6), 24.09.2003

Who would possibly be afraid about the hanging queen, when the piece that attacks it can be destroyed? 23.Bxc6 Nxb3 0–1, Khm, at least I had a great time on the beach after that.

The Tactical Master
Bojkov,D (2498) - Paulet,I (2275)
5th Open Kalamaria GRE (5), 06.08.2008

23.Qxa6 That remarkable person (luckily, not a GM yet) does not in fact in know that a queen is equal to nine (9) pawns, rather than one. In the featured position, instead of the cool retreats: [23.Qc6!?; 23.Qc2!? which could have caused Iozefina's flag to fall, that tricky guy found the fabulous combination, which he was sure to add to his first book.] 23...Rxa6 24.Rc8+ Ke7 25.Rfc1 [25.Nc6+ the only drawback of the combination though, was that the intended mate is somehow annoyingly refuted by the ingenious: 25...Rxc6!! The rest of the game was a not-very gentleman's try to cause the lady's flag falling. Let me, please, skip it.] 0–1

The Technical Genius
Bojkov,D (2544) - Naroditsky,D (2419)
Berkeley Int Open Berkeley USA (9), 07.01.2011

After spoiling the better part of his advantage, and after a fifteen minute of precise calculation, that gorgeous guy found the most technical decision: 45.h5 The move, that kept away the potentially weak extra pawn. The good thing about this Karpov-style preciseness is that after the slightly unexpected: 45…Rxc4 a mere ten moves later I was the first one to congratulate Daniel for his IM title. 0–1

And this is only the beginning…just let me entertain you 

Thank you all for your greeting!!!