Sasho Andreev wins First M-Tel Juniors Tournament

One good thing has started yesterday. Bulgaria will host not only Top-tournament, but junior tournaments as well. This is where the future starts. All players born after 01.01.1994 had the right to take part in the event. 76 did. One won. His name is Sasho Andreev from Svilengrad, a boy, who recently won the Bulgarian youth championship with Fisher-like result-9/9. He faced strong opposition in the finals-Kiprian Berbatov. Actually the latter defeated him in the final game of the Swiss qualification, but Sasho finished second, and in the match managed to win 2-1.
The winner received a lap-top, runner-up DGT clock, and all the children were presented small gifts and nice memories when Boris Spassky paid attention to the closing ceremony.

Donika Shivacheva

Chess Sweater

General View

Round Six Open-Berbatov won against Andreev

In the Final they meet Again, this time Sasho takes revenge

The Champion-Sasho Andreev
Darena Sirkova
Alexander Monev

Cveta Galunova

More pictures on the official site.

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